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CSI Caper -

CSI Caper


Leave your mark on the audience with this one. One of your tricks is missing and the thief left a note. How polite. The note is probably covered in fingerprints and together with an audience sleuth you'll catch a clue. Roll the note into a tube and shake in some fingerprint dust. Push a white silk through the tube to attract the fingerprints. As the silk comes out the other end it's covered with prints. But wait, since you're an amateur sleuth you touched the note and got your own prints on it too. You need to separate your prints from those of the thief. As you place the silk back into the tube you hand your helper a magnifying glass to focus in on just one print. Pull the silk out the other end and one really large print remains! In the end you actually catch the criminal - or at least a picture of him. This is a clever and funny routine with a magical way to discuss our individual uniqueness and a little science too. Comes with silks, gimmicked printed note, dust shaker, feather duster, mini handcuffs, magnifying glass, carrying case, and CD with full instructions and art file for printing extra notes as needed.

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