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Animal Connection -

Animal Connection


Has anyone ever told you that you eat like a pig, laugh like a hyena, and chew your food like a cow? OK, maybe it's just me. But we do seem to have connections with animals.

Here is a clever bit of magic based on an idea from Warren Stevens that will get you connected with your audience. Show 5 cute animal cards (frog, chicken, parrot, fish and monkey) and 5 jumbo cards in acrylic stands. The jumbo cards are not shown but it is explained that they have a connection with the animal cards. An audience helper matches the animal cards with the unseen jumbo cards.

Each animal card is clipped to the jumbo card. When all cards are clipped together it is revealed that your helper made perfect decisions. All the animals connect (match) perfectly with the jumbo picture cards. The parrot connects with a cage, the chicken with a barn, the gold fish connects with a fish bowl, the frog connects with a lily pad and the monkey connects with bananas! Now that's an animal connection. Comes with custom printed cards, acrylic stands, clips and instructional DVD.


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