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Better Together

Better Together



Peanut butter is good.  Jelly is good.  But peanut butter and jelly are Better Together!  People are also Better Together.  These Wonder Imagery silks are the perfect way to symbolize the diversity of our world through the faces of children.  Ten beautiful face silks are shown and placed inside a black bag.  With a shake of the bag, everything changes into a beautiful 36-inch satin banner of children literally around the world.  Presentation possibilities are endless.  Share a message of diversity for an anti-bully show.  Talk about love in a church show.  Spread smiles in a preschool show.  Teach geography in a school show.  Discuss ways to protect the world in an ecology show.  Tell the stories of heroes around the globe in a literature program.  Talk about teamwork in a sports theme show.  You’ll find ways to use these props for years.  You can even use the silks to illustrate a book as Tim did in one of his presentations.  Children can help display the faces during your presentation or display the silks on your own.  Tim has created a new way to display the silks with one hand.  The silks come ready to display.

The old song says, “What the world needs now is love.”  Better Together will help you share the love.

Comes with 10 New One-Hand-Display Silks (12" square), 36" Blendo Bag, Background Music, Mr. Tuck Script (as shown on video) and idea starters for several other presentations.


Blendo Setup Instructions (You will need the password supplied with your props.)


Handling Instructions (You will need the password supplied with your props.)

Better Together from Tim Sonefelt on Vimeo.


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