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Finish Strong -

Finish Strong


Win . . . Win . . . Win! Your audience helper becomes a winner! Your audience wins with a fun and inspirational effect! You win because you were sharp enough to recognize great magic! Crossing the finish line as the winner is great but true winners know it's "how" we run the race that really matters. Two ropes - a finish line - are stretched across the stage with the assistance of audience helpers. A small STOP sign is tied in the center of the ropes. Your audience "runner" stands behind the ropes as they are tied around him . . . because every race has it's obstacles. To be free of this finish line will take more than fancy footwork. Beautiful Wonder Imagery silks are tied to the ropes. Since "how" we run is so important, you'll share the values of Perseverance, Attitude, Courage, and Determination. We do have a problem though. That STOP sign of all the obstacles we face is preventing the win. By applying our positive character traits we can remove the obstacles and be free to run the race and maybe even win. As the performer removes the stop sign, the ropes are pulled and the runner is left holding the silks as he magically "crosses" the finish line! Ah, the magic of "how" we run to win! Comes with Silks, Ropes, Stop Sign, Presentation Suggestions and Gospel Applications.

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