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Circus Chauffeur -

Circus Chauffeur


Everyone loves the circus and that's where the clowns live! But who drives them to work? Charles the Circus Chauffeur of course! Show an 18" silk with an image of a car. What kind of car? It's a clown car. To prove that, you remove the driver Charles the Clown. He's the Circus Chauffeur. He drives the clowns to the circus every day. He's got to get to work so you put him magically back in the car. Again you show the audience how he can hop out of the car whenever he wants as you remove him from the car again. Putting him back again, you agree to tell the audience how he magically gets in the car. It's the invisible elephant feed you keep in your pocket! Sprinkle a little over the car and Charles is gone again. Attempting to prove he's still in there, you try to take him out again . . . but he's not there. It seems the car is broken down! That calls for a monkey wrench! After just a few turns from the monkey wrench, Charles once again steps out, followed by four of his closest clown friends! After all, you've never seen just ONE clown get out of a clown car! Comes complete with all silks, gimmicks "monkey wrench" and DVD.

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