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Gary The Goofy Ghost -

Gary The Goofy Ghost


Halloween won't be the same - and neither will your audiences after they meet Mike Bent's Gary the Goofy Ghost! Gary the Goofy Ghost lives in a rickety old haunted house, illustrated on a beautiful, full-color Wonder Imagery 18" silk. Hand the silk to a helper and ask if they can find Gary. They will examine it and find nothing. You explain that Gary lives inside the house and point to one of the windows; then you reach into the window and pull out a small, white silk with goofy, grinning ghost face. You poke Gary into your fist and he vanishes. "He flew back to the house, which room do you think he's hiding in?" They point to one of the 13 (!) doors or windows, You reach in, and there's Gary! Let's put him in the dungeon and see if he can escape. You poke Gary into the dungeon door and he vanishes right into the cloth. Ask the helper to pick a window, you reach in but wait, no Ghost! Try another window -- he's not there either! Where could Gary be? You reach inside the helper's sleeve and discover that Gary has been hiding there all along. Finally, Gary vanishes one more time, but can't be found anywhere, until the audience finds him handing on your helper's back! Gary's Haunted House is beautifully printed on an 18"X18" Wonder Imagery silk with the exclusive black hem trademark of excellence. Gary is a thumb tip sized silk which also bares the exclusive Wonder Imagery black hem. Gary the Goofy Ghost comes complete with Haunted House slilk, Two Gary Ghost silks, complete instructions and secret gimmick.

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