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Hokeymon Catch

Hokeymon Catch

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Hokeymon Catch Demo with Wonder Net


Hokeymon Catch Demo with Change Bag


Don't let the name fool you.  This trick isn't hokey at all.  It's fun . . . mon!  Show a beautiful 15" inch Wonder Imagery Hokeymon you recently caught. His name is BunnyRex.  Each one you catch is kept in a box. (Drawer box)  Show how a net (or bag) is used to catch a Hokeymon.  You better check that box to make sure he's still there.  He's gone!  There's something hinky with your hokey. You'll need to use the net (or bag) to catch him again.  This Hokey is a bit of a Houdini. When you catch him he'll show you a trick with his sidekick T-rex, who appears, disappears, then magically reappears in your helper's sleeve.  That's not hokey at all.  It's happy fun for your show.  Don't get caught without it.  There are several ways to add Hokeymon Catch to your show:


Silks Only - includes all silks and full routine.  $49
Silks & Drawer Box -
includes all silks and drawer box and full routine. (use your own change bag)  $59
- includes all silks, drawer box, Wonder Net, and thumb tip and full rouitine.  $349

The color of the drawer box may vary depending on color availability.

The Wonder Net is an incredible accessory that will allow you to make a silk visually appear right in front of the audience. It's completely mechanical with no electronics to misfire. Simply slide the custom machined lever under the movement of catching something in the net and your silk appears instantly and visually. This was custom manufactured for Wonder Imagery's Hokeymon Catch effect, but is great for any routine that you need to have your silk visually appear. Machined for a Wonder Imagery 15" square silk, which means a standard "magic shop" silk of 18" square will easily fit. The overall length of the net is 23". The net itself is approximately 8" in diameter and 11" long. The Wonder Net is based on an idea from Isaiah Foster.

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