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Lost Loot

Lost Loot


Where did Forgetful Frank the absent-minded pirate put his treasure? Was it near the mountains? No, that was his sunscreen. Was it near the crossed swords? No, that’s an old bone. Frank has a forgetful dog too.  There must be a good place to look on this old treasure map. Your young audience must be smarter than Forgetful Frank. Following a great deal of time and discussion the children might suggest digging under the X. Shiver me timbers, Frank’s treasure has been found. Now we just need to find Frank’s dog. These beautiful Wonder Imagery silks make for fun and interactive magic for children. One by one the sunscreen, bone and treasure silks are found via a king size thumb tip. This routine is so easy a pirate with one leg and missing an eye could do it. Pirates missing thumbs need not apply. Comes with all silks, thumb and online video instructions.

Based on an idea from Dan Cogliano.   

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