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Metamorphosis -



A Metamorphosis in nature is a true miracle, and that's what your audience will believe has happened on stage when you perform this colorful effect. You get help from two audience members to tell the story of how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. After showing a laminated card with a full color picture of a cute little caterpillar on one side and a butterfly on the other, one helper holds the card as you offer to show everyone how this works.

The caterpillar, represented by a 'Magic Flower' prop, is shown and then held by the second helper. What do you call that white thing that caterpillars wrap up in? Right! It's a cocoon. Since this isn't a real caterpillar, he can't make his own, so I've brought one for him. Showing a 24" white silk, the caterpillar is wrapped up and held again by the helper. You hand the other helper a wand and after a few waves, the cocoon is removed to reveal the caterpillar has magically transformed into a beautiful 36" butterfly, printed on Wonder Imagery silk with our exclusive black hem of excellence. Comes complete with all necessary silks, including the 36" Wonder Imagery Butterfly silk, Magic Flower prop, Laminated Picture Card, instructions/script and a live performance on DVD.

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