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Nutty Neckerchief -

Nutty Neckerchief


Here's the perfect trick for Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquets from the mind of Mike Bent. You borrow an official blue and gold Cub Scout neckerchief from one of the scouts, but wait - there's a spot on it! A Cub Scout must always look his best. Not to worry; you can clean it by magic! Talk about being prepared -- you just happened to bring your official neckerchief washing machine (supply your own change bag). Show the bag empty and place the borrowed neckerchief inside. Shake the bag, and remove the nice clean... Whoops, all the blue printing got mixed up! Place it back in the bag, mix it up, take it back out, and... Yikes! It has shrunk to a teeny-tiny neckerchief! Try again! Back in the bag, more mixing... Holy moley! Now the colors have reversed. The gold is blue and the blue is gold! One more time! Back in the bag, this time it has to work, but wait . . . Now it's pink and purple! Back into the bag! Have all the kids shout the magic words "Do Your Best!" Have the helper reach inside and... it worked! His neckerchief is restored to its original clean condition! You receive three beautifully printed, Wonder Imagery 100% silk 26-inch (diagonally cut) silks and one 7-inch silk (diagonally cut), plus a VideoCD complete with Mike's full, laughed-packed routine! This is destined to become a kid-show classic!

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