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Shook Up Solar System by Margaret Clauder

Shook Up Solar System by Margaret Clauder


Where on earth is . . . THE EARTH? No worries because we have a system (a solar system). Nine enthusiastic earth explorers will help holding beautiful Wonder Imagery 15-inch silks with planets and the sun. Each heavenly body is placed inside your favorite Universal Bag of Wonder, aka change bag. As if by magic, a large 24-inch silk is removed with the planets circling the sun but the earth is missing. Apparently the head Space Cadet, you, accidentally dropped the earth and it was left out of the Universal Bag of Wonder (UBOW). You certainly can’t take a bow for that one. Everything goes back in the bag where a little outer space organization puts the earth in it’s proper place. The 24-inch silk is removed but the earth is now in the center of the solar system. Nope, you can’t take a bow for that one either. Everyone knows the sun is in the center of our solar system. Back into the bag and finally all is well in the heavens. The large silk now has everything in correct order. You and all the helpers can take a bow. Shook Up Solar System takes the mis-made silk process to a whole new world. Includes all silks plus presentation and comedy suggestions.

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