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Softer Soap

Softer Soap


New & Improved Softer Soap is here! Wash your audience with a splash of magic and laughter. “Soft Soap” is a classic of magic, which we just made better. No more cheap cotton rags! These beautiful 18-inch Wonder Imagery silks may be washed over and over without fading. They are better than your most expensive designer jeans. Brighter than your teeth in black light and a snap to use. Display three dirty napkins from your recent picnic. Horrible grass stains, a ketchup disaster and sticky grape jelly are making your life miserable. Tidy Tim’s MAGIC CLEAN to the rescue. Wait, there’s one more napkin and it’s covered in ants. No one wants ants at a picnic. Pull out your trusty ant swatter and have at it! Place all the napkins in the MAGIC CLEAN box. Be careful not to touch all that nastiness. Grab a spoon to push the napkins in the box. A snap of the fingers and laundry history has been made. Open the box and remove three beautifully white napkins. But wait, what about those ants? Remove the final napkin and the ants are holding a sign declaring they will return. Hang on, the kids assure you there is something tricky about the MAGIC CLEAN box. Yes, there is something rattling inside. It’s a coupon to save on a jar of pickles. We hate ants but love pickles! Comes with everything you’ll need to perform this comical miracle plus extra boxes. 

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