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Triple Play -

Triple Play




Three strikes and you're IN with your audience! Everyone wins with the fun of Triple Play. It's three great routines with the same great props. Wonder Imagery products are always a home run with your audiences.

First Base: Ask a helper who their favorite baseball player is and write his name or number on a small envelope. You now let the spectator “play ball” with their favorite player by hitting the ball to them. The ball (silk) is placed in your fist and the helper taps it with the bat, hitting it to their favorite player. The silk is now gone from your fist and you remove it from the envelope. They made the play!

Second Base: Show nine envelopes with baseball jersey art on them – one for each position on the baseball field. Invite a helper to help by “hitting” the ball. They choose which player will catch the ball they hit. Place the ball (silk) in your fist and they hit (tap) with the bat. The ball is gone and appears in the envelope for the player they chose. The other envelopes are empty.

Third Base: Since you can’t play baseball with a picture of a ball, you offer to change the picture (silk) into a real baseball right in your fist. Tucking the silk inside your hand, you reach for your wand . . . a small baseball bat. With a crack of the bat (or tap), you open your hand to reveal a miniature baseball!

Comes complete with all necessary props, artwork for envelopes and DVD. Provide your own envelopes.

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