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Veggie Fails - Wonder Imagery

Veggie Fails


Knock knock.  Who's there?  Lettuce.  Lettuce who?  Let us in and we'll tell you!  It's time to get veggie with it.  Veggie Fails is a set of Wonder Imagery silks with unique magic possibilities.  It's time to make a magic Jack-o-Lantern but when the magician waves a wand over the bag he gets lettuce instead. Apparently the magician doesn't know Jack!

Now a young helper tries and ends up with a spud, a pepper, and an ear of corn-y jokes. At the end of your change bag garden you'll dig up a 24 inch Jack-O-Lantern silk.  A successful harvest and fun for all.  Comes with complete script, 15” veggie silks (Lettuce, Corn, Pepper, Potato) and 24” Jack-O-Lantern silk. Use your own change bag.

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