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Pickled Eggs


What do you get when you cross a Magic Pickle Wand, a Flat Egg and a Little Cloth Bag? Why Pickled Egg Prestidigitation, of course! That means squeals of delight from your audience. Trying to prove the Magic Pickle Wand works, you try to change the color of the Flat Egg by placing it in the bag and having a helper wave the Pickle over it. But wait, you just turned it around they say. They think you're an idiot (and they're probably right). Finally the egg turns green on both sides, he must like Dr. Seuss books! Still not satisfied your Magic Pickle Wand is really working, they think you have another egg in the bag. You do you explain, but you were saving it for breakfast! Now rip open the bag and show a fried egg attached to the inside. Take a bow, pickle boy (or girl), you've earned it!


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